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Current Engineering thesis

Design of a insoles for diabetic foot (Br. Isabella García)

Experimental and numerical evaluation of polymeric materials for the manufacture of prosthetic foot (Br. Madeleyne Bermeo)

Design and manufacture of a first prototype of Trans-amputation prosthesis (Br. Miguel Vallejo)

Protocol for the manufacture of surgical guides for patients with microtia (Br. María de los Angeles Martínez)

Current Industrial interships
Construtora Andrade Gutierrez SA - Brazil: Shredding Systems Analysis for producing rock aggregates for concrete (Br. Alejandro Martínez)

Current Volunteer Projects
Operation Smile: Assistance to children with cleft lip / palate adding computational techniques of data management and image processing to medical protocol of Operation Smile Venezuela (AT1102)

Current R&D Projects
Computational analysis of beams under patch loads, shear and bending using finite element methods