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Oral Presentations

Teaching materials I use for ID-5124
(Inglés para Presentaciones Científicas)

Course outline

A description of the course contents and evaluation..

Course calendar   A week by week description of activities.
Overview of the oral presentation
An introductory view of the oral presentation process.
Focusing for your presentation
Use the acronym STAMP to make important decisions when you prepare your presentation.
The attention-getter
  A few ideas about opening your presentation with something to grab your audience's attention.
The clincher
  Some ideas on how to close your presentation decisively.
Purpose practice
State an adequate purpose for your presentation.
Structuring your presentation
The classic outlining bit?
Expanding and Collapsing
Use keywords to say more in fewer words.
Preparing visual aids
Examine four basic principles of good visual aids.
Improving slides
  Exercise your slide improvement skills.
Performance criteria
A list of criteria that can guide you to perform better in your oral presentations.
Language forms

A document I'm still working on about expressions that will facilitate the flow of your presentation. I will announce when it's ready for use.

Presentation preparation guidelines

  NEW!! My first draft, usable, of guidelines to help you get ready for delivering your presentation.
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