Comments on Izarra´s works
Classical Guitar July 2000
"15 cuentos para 2" CD (performed by Luis Toro and Ruben Riera)
"Some of the music is hard and astringent worth forceful rhythms and eerie evocations, for example, TRES CORTOS by Adina Izarra...this is not a comfortable-coffee table-south american-pleasure-boat cruise of a recording. It contains rich, heartfelt music that has little to do with "classical" values yet is esoteric and full of vibrant imagery that lingers after the notes have faded from the air. Recommended" Tim Panting.
El Comercio, Ecuador Junio 2000
"Vojm" for voice and electronics.
"The only work celebrated without shyness was "Vojm" by Adina Izarra"
Classical Guitar March 1999
"Desde una ventana con Loros" CD
"Particularly memorable is the relatively brief Luvina, in which Toro creates a particularly spooky sounscape...the delicate imagery of the former ("Desde una ventanta con Loros" for solo guitar) and the virtuosity of Folías de España provide ample rewards to those who allow them a second innings. A significant contemporary release". Paul Fowles.
Classical Guitar January 1999
"Silencios" for solo guitar. Funves Editions, Caracas.
"Latin style, leaping melody...Excelent melodic material...I like this atmospheric and sonorous piece a lot, the effort would be worth it and would provide an effective, moody addition to the concert hall." Geoff Cox.
Classical Guitar Diciembre 1998
"Folías de España"para guitarra sola (Ms)
"Impressive set of Variations on a familiar theme...The work as a whole is a demanding schedule both technically and musically, but there is nothing here which can´t be made to work  well. A demanding yet by no means unapproachable work by a time served composer with a natural feel for the guitar."  Paul Fowles.
La Jornada (México) 14 of June, 1998
"The venezuelan Adina Izarra presented her suite "Retratos de Macondo", of great vitality, extroversion, formal and textural strength, in which her great sensibility for producing sonic atmospheres  can be appreciated, atmospheres that could only be described as refined tropics" J.A. Brenan.